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Visiting student researcher steps

Purdue will be the program sponsor for the Visa process, which will first involve forms submitted by your host to Purdue, then a series of e-forms and a letter for you to sign, Visa forms provided by Purdue, mail instructions, and eventually including an ID and instructions for making a Visa appointment. Details below.

0) Interview and be invited to visit

1)   Your host will fill out 2 forms: the visit request and an English confirmation. For these two, from you, they will need: your CV (don't forget your email address on it), and the following information: your date of birth, estimated start and end date, and the name of any program outside Purdue funding you. The host will also provide the time, length, and date of your interview, a 200 character summary of what you will work on (feel free to provide either of those, the host may revise), and the host will provide what account any Purdue funding comes from. Your host will email these two forms to

2)  By email you will receive a DS2019 application, and then e-forms for the restricted party screening.

2)      You will receive an invitation letter from Purdue which you will need to sign and return

3)      Then you will receive an email from Purdue with instructions for the e-forms (DS7002), which includes  the SEVIS ID and Purdue’s Exchange Number. For these forms, you will need a passport, evidence of financial support, and other information.

4) Complete express mail step (you will be emailed instructions)

5) Make the Visa appointment (you will be emailed instructions)

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