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Research overview
David's research focuses on the use of thermofluids and nanoengineering for challenges for water treatment, especially at the intersection of water, energy, food, and health. This work includes improved process design for water treatment, new membrane materials and coatings, new membrane antifouling processes, nanomaterials for disinfection, and energy efficiency thermodynamics for water treatment.

Key Links: Google Scholar, publications, twitter handle: @WarsingerLab, ORCID: 0000-0003-3446-1473


David is an avid collaborator and eagerly works with faculty as well as postdoc's and graduate students.  Ongoing collaborative opportunities include numerous experimental and modeling journal papers related to membrane nanomaterials, review papers on water treatment membranes, and entrepreneurial work.

Collaborative Capabilities:
David has run experiments with several desalination apparatuses, including for numerous configurations of membrane distillation and reverse osmosis. He also tests membrane properties such as liquid entry pressure, permeate flux, fouling, membrane porosity (porometer), and is expanding capabilities here. His lab has a collimated beam for photocatalysis studies, and a system for measuring thermal conductivity of liquids. He has done modeling work on: membrane distillation, multieffect distillation, multistage flash, nanofiltration, batch reverse osmosis, and modelling of fouling and crystal nucleation in numerous systems.

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