Teaching at Purdue

David is teaching ME 315 Heat and Mass Transfer as his first course assignment at Purdue. For Fall 2018, He is teaching the 12:30 section MWF. His teaching office hours this semester are MWF 1:30-2:30 in ME 2134. Blackboard is the course website, HW is submitted on gradescope.


Graduate and Undergraduate Mentor

David works with many students and makes mentoring them a priority. Info on undergrad opportunities here.



David, next to the posting in the MIT infinite corridor for the award: "Outstanding UROP Graduate Mentor 2014-2015" while holding the trophy for said award. One was awarded each year among MIT's 6,800 graduate students.


Past Teaching Experience



Teacher of young ambitious students (grades 4-7) on unconventional math topics. More info

Teaching Assistant, MAE 221 Thermodynamics

Course Description: Presents the definitions, concepts, and laws of thermodynamics. Topics include the first and second laws, thermodynamic property relationships, and applications to vapor and gas power systems, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. Examples and problems are related to contemporary aspects of energy and power generation and to broader environmental issues.

Role: Taught a 35-student section, graded homework, and held office hours.  David received the highest rating by students among TA's (4.63/5), and had very high attendance (and defectors from other sections attended his).

Grader, TAM 203 Dynamics

Course Description: Newtonian dynamics of a particle, systems of particles, a rigid body. Kinematics, motion relative to a moving frame. Impulse, momentum, angular momentum, energy. Rigid-body kinematics, angular velocity, moment of momentum, the inertia tensor. Euler equations, the gyroscope.

Role: Graded homework, held office hours, and attending course planning meetings.


Elementary School After-School Science Teacher

Beverly J. Martin Elementary School

Role: Planned and taught weekly after-school lessons for the “A-plus” program, partnering with the local “Sciencenter.”


Freelance Tutor

Role: Taught math, physics, and chemistry for grades 6 through 12, undergraduate, and graduate students.


Teaching Training: Courses & Certificates

  • Fundamentals of Teaching Science (Yale) 2017
  • Kaufman Teaching Certificate (MIT) 2016
  • Learner’s Workshop (MIT) 2015
  • An Introduction to Evidenced-Based Undergraduate STEM Teaching (MOOC) 2015
  • Teaching College-Level Science and Engineering (MIT)
  • Engineering TA Development Program (Cornell) 2010
  • The Art of Teaching (Cornell) 2007